Barcode Scan reader

ACTIVE – Barcode Reader FREE for all Platinum Setup

Barcode Reader FREE for all Platinum Setup

Are you interested to move your Toy Library to the Next Generation of Toy Library Cloud System? Great! Now, if you are choosing the Platinum Setup to move to MiBaseNZ you will receive gifted a Barcode Scanner USB.

Barcode Scanner USB

This barcode scanner is suitable for retail POS systems, libraries, stock management, logistics and more!

No power supply or batteries required! (power is sourced from the USB port). The barcode scanner has a confirmation beep when you scan a barcode.


* No software required – just plug into a USB port and use
* Supports with Windows 7, Vista, XP or Mac OS X, Windows 8 32bits/64bits, Windows 10
* Will beep to confirm successful reads
* No batteries required
* Scan Distance: 2.5mm-60mm

Ask us a quote and choose the Platinum Setup!

ACTIVE – Monthly payment for 10 months

Monthly payment for 10 months

MiBaseNZ Fees listIf you have a Toy Library that is using an old database system or even paper base but you have not been successful in any grant application, that is the promotion for you!

We can offer monthly payment for 10 months for ALL your quote costs.

Example: Setup Platinum $500 + Database conversion from mibase desktop $200 + Marketing Promotion $50 = $750

You will pay only $75 every month for 10 months 🙂

Ask us a quote and choose the monthly payment!

ENDED – Move from desktop to online

The first 10 Toy Library that wants move from MiBase desktop version to MiBaseNZ online version will pay only $100 for all data transfer and will have 1 of the additional services for FREE and 6 months free hosting + support.
This is intended only for New Zealand Toy Library that already have MiBase desktop.