Add a News article in MiBaseNZ public website

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In MiBaseNZ you are able to add News articles to the public website. Go to  Setup -> News list -> Add New

Navigation to news page example

Then insert:

  • Title: What you want the article to be called, not too long
  • News Date: This can be the current date or be backdated, default is the current date
  • Thumbnail:

This is for adding pictures to the article, please refer to “How to upload files in MibaseNZ” to learn how to upload media.

Once you have uploaded the picture you need to copy the last section of the file path, which is the file name for the image and paste it in the Thumbnail box. In the below image you would copy the ‘thor.jpg’ and insert this into the thumbnail box.

Thumbnail example

  • Content: Enter the information for the news article


Add news page example

then click ADD A NEWS.


News article on public website example

You are also able to edit or delete the article once completed. Go to Setup -> News list

News edit/delete example

Select the yellow button to edit or the orange button to delete.