Edit your Public & Member Websites

MiBaseNZ’s Edit Website page enables you to add introductions or specific information to the pages in both your Public and Member Websites.

FAQs page – how to add an FAQ

In MiBaseNZ you can create a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section on the Public Website. You can add questions and answers to this page.

News page – how to add an article

To add a news article to your Public Website you will need to go to News List in the Setup page. It is important to update this page monthly.

Activating the Roster System

MiBaseNZ’s Roster System allows both admin and members to book duties. You can use it just in the admin website or in the member and public website.

Activating the Roster in the Public Website

Having a roster on a MiBaseNZ Public Website allows everyone to see who is doing what roster and when and how many spaces are available. Members cannot select a duty from there.

Setting up your Public Website

To decide what pages and functions you would like seen on your MiBaseNZ public website, you will need to check and change each setting in the Public Website Settings page.

Settings for Top Menu items

To choose what pages/modules are used and viewed in the Top Menu of your MiBaseNZ Public Website, go to the Public Settings page to activate your choices.