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Adding toys and categories to the Party Pack

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As already mentioned in the Overview of the Party Pack module, non-members have their own separate toy list which you will need to add to.

To do this, you simply need to decide what toys you would like to add then go into each toy’s Edit a Toy page and select Yes from the Party Pack dropdown menu.
If you would also like non-members to be able to reserve the toys, you will also need to check the box This Toy can be reserved.


You can also decide if your toy library would like to create toy categories specific to the Party Pack module. Examples could be bouncy castles, roller coasters, or party pack equipment, it is up to you.

To create a toy category simply got to Toy -> Toy Categories 
Click Add New, add the details and make sure you select Yes from the Party Pack dropdown menu.
Below you can see a list of categories specific to the Party Pack.


It looks like this on the Public Website.
Note: If you decide not to use toy categories, the toys will still be listed on the Public Website, there just will be no dropdown list.

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