De-activating Overdue Fines

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Now that you have decided to re-open your toy library after the Covid-19 lockdown, all the toys that were hired over that time would have been accruing rather large overdue fines. To avoid your members being charged these fines when the toys are returned, you will need to de-activate the MiBaseNZ fine system.

You will only need to do this until all toys have been returned that were hired over lockdown. If these toys are not returned relatively quickly however, the fine system will need to be turned back on for toys that have been hired since opening. If this needs to happen, then the fines can be deleted manually.

To de-activate MiBaseNZ’s fine system, go to Setup -> Administration

Administration button

Type in ‘fine’ in the Description search box.

The setting is called recordfine. Click on the “Edit” button. Use the arrow to select ‘No’ from the dropdown menu.

Click on the “Save” button.

You will then need to log off and log back on again to update the setting change across the system.


If you have already had toys returned and members have been charged overdue fines, you can delete these manually. To do this click the Payment tab.

Payments page

Type in the member’s name or ID. You will be taken to their payments page.

Overdue toy fee

Scroll down and find the fine. Click on the “Delete” button.

Delete payment page

Type in the reason for deleting the payment and click “Delete”. The fine will no longer appear on the member’s payments page and the fine will be deleted from the account balance.

If there are multiple fines, you will need to delete them individually.

**Remember to turn the fine system back on when all the toys have been returned**

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