How to make a payment

There are two types of payments that occur on MiBaseNZ’s Payments page; manual (admin adds) and automatic (these require setting up).

Manual Payments

Once you have set up your Payment Options in MiBaseNZ, making Manual Payments should be quite quick and easy to do.

Automatic Payments

Automatic payments are linked to various settings, pages and buttons within MiBaseNZ and will automatically occur when activated or selected.

De-activating Overdue Fines

To avoid members being charged overdue fines when re-opening from a temporary closure, the MiBaseNZ fine system will need to be temporarily de-activated.

Payment Types – add or delete

MiBaseNZ has created the Payment Type page to check, add and delete different types of payments that your toy library specifically uses.
Go to Member -> Payment Type

Creating Payment Options

To speed up the payment system you can create specific Payment Options with default fees specifically tailored for your library.