How to setup a Holiday in MiBaseNZ

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In MiBaseNZ you are able to setup a holiday. After the setup is done every toy you are hiring will have the due date on the date you entered in the setting, so, you need to setup the holiday mode a few weeks before you are going to close, for example, if you have 14 days hiring you will need to setup 14 days before AFTER you close the session.

Setup the holiday mode

Go to Setup -> Administration setting


and change 2 settings:

Holiday Setting


The #32 needs to change in Yes.

The #33 needs to have the date that you will open again. The date must have the format mm/dd/yyyy

After you changed the setting every toy will have the DUE DATE on the date that you add in the setting #33.

Remember to change the setting back when you open again.

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