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How to override the loan period for holiday closures

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If you decide to close your library for an extended period of time, for example, over the Christmas holidays, you can set up the holiday mode which overrides the loan period preventing overdue fines being applied to members. Once the set up is done, every toy hired over that period of time will have the due date you have entered in the setting.

The holiday mode needs to be set up a week before you are going to close or before you start hiring the toys for the holiday period.

To set up the holiday mode, go to Setup -> Administration.

You will need to change 2 settings:

Holiday Setting

  • #36: needs to change to Yes
  • #47: is the date your library will open. The date must have the format mm/dd/yyyy. Once you have changed the setting, every toy will have this date as their due date

**Remember to change the setting back when you open again**

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