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MiBaseNZ has a Reservation System, here you can see how to see the Reservation List.

On this page, you can see all information, edit and delete a reservation.

The description of all columns is:

  • id: the member id that has the reservation,
  • FullName: the full name of the member that has the reservation,
  • Mobile: the mobile or phone number of the member,
  • Email: the email address of the member,
  • idcat: the toy id that has been reserved,
  • ToyName: te toy name that has been reserved,
  • Status: the toy status, IN is in the library, OUT is on loan,
  • Avail: if the toy is on loan there will be the available date,
  • DateStart: the first date of the reservation,
  • DateEnd: the last date that the toy has been reserved.

You can also use the table header input to sort and/or filter the table.


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