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Viewing Toys in Quarantine

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To view the list of toys in quarantine in MiBaseNZ, go to Toy -> Quarantine page


On this page, you can see information for each toy. The last date is when the toy will end quarantine. If the date is green, the toy has finished the quarantine period. Once you have cleaned the toy, click the “Cleaned” button and the toy will be available for hire again.
Toy in Quarantine

While the toy is in quarantine it is not possible to reserve it, in fact, you will see in the calendar the days the toy is in quarantine.

Go to Reserve -> Reservation and reserve a toy that you have returned and put in quarantine.

Reservation calendar
While the toy is in quarantine, the toy’s detail page on the member’s website will list the Quarantine Ends date to show when the toy will be available again.

Quarantine date in member website

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