Setting up the Reservation System

Before you start using MiBaseNZ’s Reservation System, you will need to check and change to your liking the settings for both admin and member websites.

Setting Up Automatic Emails

MiBaseNZ has a different type of automatic email and you are able to activate/deactivate, choose the day to send and how many days before or after the event.

Setting up the Click and Collect Booking Module

MiBaseNZ has created this Click and Collect booking system for admin and members to be able to book a time to pick up and/or drop off toys. It’s a premium paid module, to activate you need to send us an email and pay for that.

How to use Click and Collect in the Member Website

Now that MiBaseNZ has this amazing click and collect booking system, members can select their own times to pick up and drop off their toys. Before they use this system however, they need to make sure they have reserved a toy.