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MiBaseNZ’s Committee module has been created to help libraries manage their volunteer work in a fast and efficient way.

There are two parts to this module.

  1. The yellow sections, which are free for everyone, include a page where toy libraries can add all their legal information and a page to list all committee members and their details including who has keys or bank access.
  2. The orange sections are the paid premium module and these include a page to add timesheets for your committee members and a page to add any events and meetings, including the minutes, that is held by the library.

If your library has purchased the premium module, the Home page will display these activities however if no premium module has been purchased the Home page will have no need to display anything.

If you are interested in the Committee premium module, feel free to contact us or read more on the Premium Module Page.

To start using the Committee module, go to Setup -> Committee

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Committee page

MiBaseNZ Committee page is where you can see a list of your current Committee members, add any new members as well as edit or resign them.
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