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To assist you and your members with the Reservation, Roster and Click and Collect functions, MiBaseNZ has created this Day and Time page where you can setup the opening days and times of your toy library. It is particularly helpful for libraries who do not open every Saturday for example.

Go to Setup -> Days and Times.

Select the Day of the Week you are open from the dropdown menu.

Fill in the Open Time and Close Time by clicking on the individual box. A time selector dropdown menu will appear. You can either use the arrows to select the time or click directly on the hour or minutes and another box will appear for you to choose from. You will also need to select if the time is ‘am’ or ‘pm’ by clicking directly on this button and it will change between options.

Select from the Period dropdown menu to specify the number of times in a month this day is open.

Click the yellow button “Save” and it will be added to the list below.


Do this for every day you are open.

All fields are mandatory! If you do not fill in all fields, you will not be able to save, and the fields will be highlighted to remind you.

If you make a mistake after saving, you will need to delete and start again.

To remove a day and time, click the orange icon   Delete button alongside it.


View the video here:

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