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Reserving a toy is a great option for members who would like to ensure the toy is available when they next visit the toy library. It also great when a popular toy is always out on hire to reserve it for when it is next available.

MiBaseNZ Member Website makes reserving toys easy for members to do at home. Follow the steps below to see how to do it.

Step 1: Member login

Members need to log in to the member website using their login details.

Member login page


Step 2: Select “Toys” at the top of the page.

Members will be able to see the full list of toys the library has to offer by scrolling down. If they want to look at specific toys, members can select from the “Category” and “Status” dropdown menu to filter the toys further. Or if they know the toy they are after, they can do a search in the “Search” box.

Toy List page


Step 3: Find toy

Find the toy they would like to reserve and click on the “View Toy” button.

View Toy button


Step 4: Reserve Toy

The member will be taken to the toy’s details page. Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Reserve Toy” button.

Reserve Toy button


Step 5: Reservation calendar

The member needs to click on the calendar to select the start date they would like the toy from. The calendar automatically highlights the hire period for the toy and updates the Start/End Date boxes.

Click “Add a Reservation”.

Note: members can see the availability of the toys on the calendar using the coloured availability chart on the right as a guide.

Reserving a toy

The calendar will change from the light blue highlighted dates to the yellow ‘Reserved’ dates.

If a member selects a date the toy is unavailable, a pop up box will appear. Click OK to remove it and choose another date.

Error box


Step 6: My Library

Select “My Library” at the top of the page. Scroll down to “Reserved Toys” and the member will see the toy has been added to the list.

Reserved toys list in members website

If the member would like to book a pick up time using the Click and Collect Booking system, go to the article How to use Click and Collect in the Member Website.

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