Toy Instructions – how to upload to websites

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In MiBaseNZ you are able to upload a Toy Instruction that can be a document or a photo and it will show up in the admin, member and public website.

Upload the toy instruction

Go to Setup -> Upload Files

In the file uploader, you have to:

  • choose your file
  • Description MUST be the idcat of the toy (toy id number)
  • Access to File must be public
  • Category needs to be toy-instruction
File uploader in Admin website

Once you have filled in all the information, click Upload and wait a few seconds/minutes, depending on how big the file is. You can upload a PDF or a photo/image.

Admin website

In the MiBaseNZ admin website, you can see the toy instruction in the toy detail page

Toy Detail Page in Admin website

Public and Member website

In the MiBaseNZ Public and Member Website, you can see the toy instruction in the toy detail page.

Toy Detail Page in Public website

Short video here:

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