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Adding a new company requires slightly different information then what is needed when adding a member. Once added, MiBaseNZ will automatically assign your company the next available ID number.

Go to Member -> Company and click Add New

Add a new company

This page has a lot of areas to complete. Some are mandatory (*) and others depend on what your toy library would like to use/fill in.

Points to be aware of:

Company info:

  • Company Legal Name – this is mandatory
  • Membership Type – this is mandatory. Select from the dropdown box the membership the company would like. If you would like to create a new one, go to this link Create a new Membership to do so
  • Membership Status – this is mandatory. This will always default to Active


  • Address – this is mandatory
  • Suburb – choose a suburb from the dropdown box. If you need to add another, follow this link Suburbs – create, delete or edit to do so
  • City – choose a city from the dropdown box. If you need to add another, follow the link Cities – add or delete to do so
  • Region – this is completed already based on the default region you have chosen in the admin setting. If you have not set this up yet, follow this link How to set up a Default Region to do so


  • Email – this is mandatory

Other info:

  • Type of company – this is mandatory, some examples are Childcare, Kindergarten, Primary School, Play Centre, Hospital, etc…
  • Date Joined – this automatically fills in the current day’s date
  • Source – choose a source from the dropdown box. If you need to add another, follow this link Sources – add or delete to do so

Referent 1/2:

  • First Name and Surname – these are mandatory. These are the two people who will hire and return the toys for the company


Once you filled in all the data, click the Save Company button.
Note: if you have not completed the mandatory fields, when you click Save Company, a pop-up box will appear to remind you to complete what you have missed.


Once saved you will then see information relevant to the company you have added and that they have been successfully saved. The Membership fee added can be seen on the company’s Payments page.

Success page

If you click Send Welcome Email, you will be taken to the Welcome Email template. At the bottom of this page, click the button Send Welcome Email.

If you click OK, you will be taken back to the Company Detail page.

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