Add a New Company

When adding a new company to MiBaseNZ, it will require slightly different information then what is needed when adding a member.

Suppliers page

MiBaseNZ’s Suppliers page allows toy libraries to record all toy suppliers they use. It is great for volunteers or future committee members.

Adding a new toy category

Before adding in your toys and acquiring new ones, it is important MiBaseNZ’s Toys Categories page is setup correctly.

LOTE (Language Other Than English) – add or delete

To assist you when setting up a new member, MiBaseNZ has created a LOTE page where you can add or delete languages and nationalities.
This will also provide you an informative guide of what languages your members speak which can be helpful when making decisions with your toy purchases.

Payment Types – add or delete

MiBaseNZ has created the Payment Type page to check, add and delete different types of payments that your toy library specifically uses.
Go to Member -> Payment Type

Ethnicity – add or delete

In MiBaseNZ, you can add or delete ethnicities which will be useful when setting up a new member or when a new member joins via the public website.

Sources – add or delete

How did your members find out about your toy library? To provide you with an answer, MiBaseNZ has created the Source page where you can add or delete different discovery methods. This will assist you when setting up a new member.