MiBaseNZ Admin Website home page schema

The home page of MiBaseNZ’s Admin Website lists applications, notifications and information for your library as well as quick access links that will assist you in using MiBaseNZ.

Timesheet page – Second Menu

MiBaseNZ’s Timesheet page is where you add new timesheets for each employee as well as seeing the timesheets for all employees. 

Dynamic Second Menu

The MiBaseNZ system menu is a bar-shaped menu located below the MiBaseNZ logo with a wide range of the most helpful functions on the system.

Members List – Second Menu

MibaseNZ’s Members List page is easily located in the second menu bar allowing you quick access to all your active members and their details.

Daily Stat page – Second Menu

MiBaseNZ’s Daily Stat page shows the statistics for each daily session at your toy library. It is easily located in the second menu bar.

Transactions – Second Menu

MiBaseNZ’s Transactions page provides a list of all monetary transactions your toy library has made. It is located in the second menu bar.

Toys List – Second Menu

MiBaseNZ’s Toys List page allows you to view all your toy library’s active toys with information for each one in one quick step.