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The MiBaseNZ system allows you to view all toys one quick step and displays a range of information about each toy. The Toy List function allows you to sort the toy list according to your preferences and to export the list to PDF or Excel, which then enables printing. The Export to Excel function allows you to print a toy list with the basic information about each toy as well as a toy list with the comprehensive information about each toy, such as details about the toy purchase, supplier, manufacturer, the condition, the number of pieces and a description of the toy, etc and more – the choice is yours.  With the Toy List function, you can also quickly view the picture of each toy.

To get to the Toy List screen, click on the blue “Toy List” button under the “MibaseNZ” Logo:


Now you should see a complete toy list on your screen with the following information about each toy:

Id: Toy ID

Cat: Category of the toy

SubCat: Sub Category of the toy

ToyName: Name of the toy

Loc: Location of the toy

Rent: Cost of the toy

Status: The status of the toy e.g. in library, on loan etc

Borrower: The member the toy is loaned to

Available From: Supplier of the toy

Manufacturer: Manufacturer of the toy

AgeRange: The age range the toy is suitable for

Pieces: Number of pieces in the toy


You can adjust how many rows are displayed on the screen. Clicking on “all rows” at the bottom of the screen saves you from having to scroll through page after page (or screen).


The total number of toys is shown on your top right.

Please note the toy list does not show toys that are not active. See the Viewing Not Active Toys article if you want to see a list of toys that are not active, for example, lost, stolen, damaged, or sold toys.

You can sort the toys list according to your preference in each category by clicking on the small up/down arrows beside each category:


Once you are happy with how the toy list is sorted and you wish to export it, click on the red “Export to PDF” or green “Export to Excel” button:

download_excel_pdf buttons

You will see that the toy list is downloaded onto your computer.  After that, you can print the toy list on PDF or Excel.

For a more comprehensive toy list including every detail about a toy, click on “Export all Toys to Excel” and you will see the toy list with the complete information about each toy downloaded onto your computer containing the following information:

Toy id, Category, Sub Category, Toy Name, Rent, Age Range, Date Stocktake, Manufacturer, Purchase Cost, Real Cost, Supplier, Toy Description, Contains, Comments, Return Date Period, Number of Pieces, Purchase Date, Donated By, Warnings, Condition, Date Created, Date Modified, Storage, Location

You can then adjust the column widths, edit and print from your computer.

To view a picture of a toy, point your mouse to the toy “id” in blue on the left.

To view full details on a toy, click on the yellow “view” icon. The MibaseNZ system will take you to the “Toy Detail” screen.

If you wish to edit a toy, click the blue Edit button and refer to the Editing a Toyarticle.

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