Create your own email template

MiBaseNZ has provided toy libraries the ability to create their own email template specific to them. It can only be used in Bulk Emails.

Setting up Email Templates

MiBaseNZ has a large selection of email templates to use. A general outline is provided which includes general and specific shortcodes.

Bulk Emails – how to use them

MiBaseNZ’s Bulk Emails allows libraries to send specific emails to all their members or to just a few, to active members or expired.

New Password – Bulk email

When an administrator or volunteer resets their password, they will automatically be sent this email with their new login details.

Missing Pieces – Bulk email

This email will send a member their list of missing pieces. Before sending, you must record the missing piece and allocate the member to it.

Membership Renewal – Bulk email

When a member renews their membership this bulk email can be sent automatically or MiBaseNZ provides a Send Renew Membership Email button.

Welcome New Members – Bulk email

MiBaseNZ’s Welcome Email is sent after a new member joins. For efficiency, a Send Welcome Email button has been set up in two other locations.

Generic template – Bulk email

MiBaseNZ has a generic Bulk Email template where libraries can create their own emails, using shortcodes if they like, for all their members.