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In MiBaseNZ a Toy Library can send by email and/or print the Payments Receipt.

If you are in the Payment page, like the example above

you can send by email or print the Payment Receipt by clicking the yellow button called “Email or Print Receipt” in the first grey row.

Choose the date range

Before clicking the button you need to choose the date range

If you need to send only today, the day start and day and will be the same, today. If you like to send the monthly statement, the image below is what you are looking for.

Receipt Page

After clicking the button called “Email or Print Receipt” you will see the Receipt Page with the result.

You can now decide if you want to send by email or print it and give it to the member.

Send by email

If you like to send the payment receipt by email click the yellow button called “Send Email Receipt”

After clicking it you will see the result

Member email

The member will receive the email like

Print the Payment Receipt

If you need to print it and gives to the member click the orange button called “Print Receipt”

Then MiBaseNZ will create a pdf that you can download and print, like the image above



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