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When a member has some toys on loan and those are due soon the system will send an automatic email to all members with the list of toys on loan on that specific date. The default setup is 2 days, so the member will receive the email 2 days before the due date.


Email template

The first important step is to create/modify the email template called ‘reserve’, go to Setup -> Email Template and click edit

Then change the content in the email


you can also add some generic shortcodes in the email like [email_library] or [longname] or [facebook]. Look at our documentation here: for the whole list.


Specific Shortcodes

For the list of toys inside the email you can use those specific shortcodes:











After saving the email, go to Setup -> Automatic Email and activate the cron job

This type of automatic email will be sent one time only.


Administrator Report

Every time MiBaseNZ will send an email, the toy library admin will receive the REPORT in the email, like this


Member Email

This is the email that the member will receive.


Toy on loan list

In our toy on loan list, the member Hulk Banner has 4 toys on loan, 1 is overdue and only 2 of them are due back in 2 days, so he will receive the email with only 2 toys in it like the example above.


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