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If you require your members to help you in the library, you will need to setup duty preferences for the members to choose from. MiBaseNZ has created the Roster Preference page where you can add or delete a preference suitable to your library’s needs. This will also assist you when setting up a new member.

Go to Member -> Roster Pref

Fill in the required fields seen below.

  • Roster Group – choose from the dropdown box
  • Roster Hours – type in the time you would like the duty to run for eg. 10.00 am- 12.00 pm
  • Roster Day – choose the day from the dropdown box
  • Hours – type in how many hours the session will go for
  • Volunteers – type in the maximum number of volunteers you would like to help for that session
  • Location – type in a location if you have more than one

Click on “Add a New Roster Group”.

Your new roster preference will be added to the list below.

If you would like to remove a roster preference, click the “Delete” button alongside it.

View the video here:

(This video has two sets of instructions in it. The first will show you how to setup the roster preferences, the second, how to setup a duty roster)


Now you can generate your roster in the Duty Roster page

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