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MiBaseNZ has created the Mem. Expired page for you to see a list of all your expired members and their details such as account balance and their duty situation if they are a duty member.
This list does not include the resigned or locked members. To view this list you will need to go to the Not Active page.

The information on this page does differ from the Members Stat page. It does also contain almost the same information as the Members List page however the members’ list is for current members only.

To see the full list of expired members, go to Member -> Mem. Expired

You can see from the list below the following information for each member.
In the top right corner above the table, you can see the total number of expired members.

Expired Members List

  • id: the member’s id number
  • FullName
  • Expired: the date the membership expired
  • Mobile/Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Membership type
  • Balance: this is the member’s account balance. If it is red, it means the member is owing money
  • RosterDue: this lists the number of duties the member is owing. If the number is red, the member owes duties. If the number is negative, the member has completed more duties than expected
  • OnLoan: this is the number of toys the member is currently hiring out. As the member is expired and technically shouldn’t be hiring toys, the number will be red


To edit or update the member’s details, click on the pink Edit button Edit button.
To view the member’s full list of details, click on the blue View button View button.

To sort or filter the list, click the arrows next to the heading you want to sort or filter the list by or type in the search boxes underneath the headings.

You can also download the list to PDF and/or Excel by clicking the Export to PDF or Export to Excel buttons. This will export the full list, not a filtered list. If you want to download a filtered list, export it to excel and sort or filter through there.

Exporting data to PDF and excel
You can also access this list of expired members via the homepage.

Expired members
When a membership is about to expire or has expired, you can set up Automatic Emails that MiBaseNZ will send to the members overnight to let them know. To set up these emails go to Due to Expire – Automatic Email and Membership Expired – Automatic Email.

You can also decide how long you want your members to stay on the expired list before being moved to the Not Active list as mentioned at the beginning. MiBaseNZ has set up an automatic email for Resigned Members which you can activate if you would like to use it. The default number of days this email is set for is 365 days after the membership has expired however you can edit this when you set it up. To set this up go to Resigned Members – Automatic Email.

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