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When a member has NOT renewed their membership for quite some time, MiBaseNZ has set up a cron job which allows you to resign this member and move them from the Expired Member list to the Not Active list. This cron job will send the member an email to let them know and MiBaseNZ will automatically resign them and move their details to the Not Active list.
The default setup is 365 days so the member will receive this email 365 days after the membership has expired.

The first important step is to create/modify the email template called ‘go_to_resigned_members’.
Go to Setup -> Email Templates

Email templates

Type in resigned in the “Name” search box and click the yellow “Edit” button alongside it.

Resigned members email template

Change the content of the email. You can also add shortcodes to the email which can be found here, Use shortcode in the email.
Click “Save”

Resigned member email template

After saving the email, go to Setup -> Automatic Email and activate the cron job. Click “Edit”.

Activating cron job

Decide the number of days before the email is sent out.
Choose what day you would like the emails to be sent.
Change the Active box to “Yes”.

Edit Automatic Email

This type of automatic email will only be sent one time.

Administrator Report

Each time MiBaseNZ sends this automatic email, your toy library admin will receive a report via email like the one below.

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