Why is my reservation system not working?

A lot of the tickets we receive for the MiBaseNZ system are usually around the Reservation System. This article is more like a checklist and has been created as a way of checking to see if everything has been set up correctly as well as an opportunity for you to work out why the Reservation System is not working before you open a ticket.

1. Have all your settings been set up correctly?

It doesn’t hurt to check your settings to make sure they are correct particularly if there are multiple administrators using the admin website or circumstances/librarians have changed in your library. We have found on occasions when the reservation system was initially set up, some libraries, for example, set up the admin side of things and as time goes on have decided to set up the Member Website and now allow members to make their own reservations but haven’t checked all the settings have been amended correctly. Here is the link to Setting up the Reservation System correctly.

2. Have you set up the Days and Times page correctly?

This one is important and is usually the most common error. The days you are open and closed are what appear on the reservation calendar. If these are not correct, then members will either select the wrong days or will not be able to select the right days or any days at all. To make sure your days are set up correctly follow this link to the Days and Times page.

3. Check if the toys are reservable

Whether you have some toys that are reservable or all of your toys are reservable, you need to make sure that they are. A common question is why can’t I see this toy to reserve it? When adding a toy to the system, sometimes ticking the box to make the toy reservable is missed, a very easy mistake to make.
But don’t worry, if all your toys are reservable it is as easy as going to Setup -> 1 click function and clicking the Reservable all toys button.
However, if you only have a select few toys that are reservable, you will need to go into each toy detail page, select Edit Toy, and make sure the This toy can be reserved check box has been ticked.

4. Check if the memberships are correct

This is important as when setting up your memberships there is a column that asks whether members with this membership can reserve toys or not. If this has not been selected to say Yes, then these members won’t be able to reserve. Go to Members -> Membership and look at the list of memberships. Under the Reserve column, check the memberships that are able to reserve, all say Yes.


If you have gone through this list and are happy you have everything set up correctly and the issue still continues, then please, Open a ticket and we will endeavor to fix it as soon as possible.

Waiting Members page

MiBaseNZ’s Members Waiting page is a waiting list created for toy libraries that wanted to manage the number of members signing up. If a toy library had reached its quota, rather than turning members away they can add them to the waiting list. When a space becomes available, whoever is at the top of the list, their membership will be the next one to be activated.

To view the waiting list go to Member -> Waiting Members.Waiting Members page

The list is not much different from the Members List. The one main difference is that the waiting list has the Joined column which is the date the member joined the library. This is handy for finding out which member is next in line to be activated or to see how long a member has been waiting.

Members Waiting List


Adding a member to the waiting list

To add members to the waiting list is very simple.
Simply add a new member as per normal and save their details.
Go to their Member Detail page and click Edit.

Edit Member Detail page

Under Member Status in the Important Data box, select Waiting from the dropdown menu. Click Save.
The member will automatically be moved to the waiting list.
Member Status - waiting


Activating a member from the waiting list

When a member has left the library and a space becomes available for another member, simply go to the waiting list to select the member who is next in line to join the library.

The list on the Waiting Members page is organised from the most recent member who has signed up to the library down to the earliest member which is at the bottom of the list. You want to select the earliest member.

Under the Status column next to this member select Active from the dropdown menu and refresh the page.
The member will no longer be on the list but will have been added to the Members List.

Member Status - active

Note: something to be aware of, when you activate a member the Joined date does not change. You will need to change this date and the expiry date to reflect when they became an active member. To edit these dates you will need to go to their Member Detail page, click Edit, and make the changes.

For clients – how to use the Client Website!

Welcome! We hope you enjoy using the Clients Website!


Logging in

There are two ways you can access our Clients Login page.

  1. If you have received our Welcome email, please click the link provided which will take you there. Type in your user name and password and click Login.
  2. Visit our Public Website. To the top right of the screen, you will see the word Login. From the dropdown menu select Member Log In. This will take you to the login page. Type in your user name and password and click Login.

Member Log in

Forgot, lost, or didn’t receive your login details?

Never fear they are easy to retrieve. When you go to the Member/Client Login page, you will see down the bottom Forgot password? Click this button and it will take you to the Forgot Password page.
Remember: This a generic documentation, each Toy Library will have a different logo and colours.
Type in your email address and click Email my password. You will receive an email with both your username and password details. Forgot login details

Home Page

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the Home page. You will see a small introduction to our library and what we offer. Scrolling down you will see your personal details. You may have the option of editing these details or you may not. If you do, click the Edit button and make the changes, remember to save once done. If not, please email us with the changes and we can update it for you. To the right of the page, you will see all our details and opening hours.


Navigation Bar / Menu

At the top of the Home page, you will see a navigation bar listing all the different pages on our Client Website. This can be seen and accessed from each page.
Note: this guide has been created for all toy libraries to use so some of the pages may not apply to our toy library. To the far right, you will see the word Actions. From the dropdown menu, you can choose to log out of our Client Website or visit our Public Website.Client Website pages

My Library

In this page, you can view all your toy loans, reservations, and bookings, if any. Any information we would like to share with you such as our Newsletters can also be seen under the heading Files and can be accessed by clicking the Open button. You have the option of renewing your toys here or deleting any reservations, or bookings.

Party Toys

Here you will see the full list of party toys available to hire. To reserve a toy or add a toy to your wishlist, click the View Toy button under the toy. You will be taken to the toy’s details page. Under the image, you will see a grey button, click to Add to my Wishlist. This toy will now appear on the My Wishlist page. Scroll further down and you will see a Reserve Toy button. Click this and you will be taken to the Reservation page.

Reserving a toy

Once you are on the Reservation page, you can see the availability of the toy on the calendar by using the coloured availability chart underneath as a guide. Click on the calendar the start date you would like the toy from. The calendar will automatically highlight the hire period for the toy. Click the Reserve button to the right of the calendar. The reservation will then appear under the heading Reserved Toys on the My Library page. We will also be notified of your reservation.

My Wishlist

As mentioned above, once you have added a toy to your wishlist from the toy’s details page, it will automatically be listed here on this page. You can see the status of the toy if it is in the library, if it’s on loan, or when it has been reserved. You can delete the toy from the wishlist by clicking the Delete button. You can reserve the toy by clicking the Reserve Toy button. This will take you to the Reservation page. Follow the steps mentioned above, Reserving a Toy, to see how.


This page lists all your transactions; toy hires, payments, fees, and fines. Your account balance is shown at the bottom of the page.

Click & Collect

Just like the shops, you can select a day and time when you want to collect and/or drop off your toys. There are two options with this page.

  1. Book a time to pick up any toys you have reserved as well as select a time to drop them off. You must reserve toys first before you can use this option You just simply select from the dropdown menus provided
  2. For no toy reservations, you just want to drop off the toys you already have on loan, then again simply select a date and time from the dropdown menus to do this

Remember to click Save for either option. Once you have made a booking, a Success message will appear and it will also appear under the heading Booking on the My Library page. We will also be notified of your booking.


If you have any questions about our library, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page first for answers. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us with what you would like to know and we will reply as soon as possible.

Overview of the Party Pack module

If you are reading this page, it is because you have purchased the Party Pack premium module. A quick access button will have been added in the second menu bar otherwise it can be found under the Toy Menu page.

This module will allow toy libraries to hire specific toys from specific categories to non-members, or clients. Once the module is set up, the toy library can choose which toys and categories a client can hire.

Party Pack module


All information regarding the Party Pack is listed on this page.

Settings and Content

The very first step before using this module is to set it up.
Follow this link for more information on Setting up the Party Pack module.


Client List

Once non-members or clients are added, they will be listed here. This list is completely separate from the members’ list but just like the members’ list, you can Edit or View the non-members/clients.

Follow this link to see how admin can Add a new client.
Follow this link to see how a client or non-member can sign up using the Party Pack Sign up page.

Client List Table

Toy List

All toys that are part of the Party Pack module and can be hired by non-members or clients will be listed here. This list is completely separate from the toy list for members but just like the members’ toys list, you can Edit or View the toys.
Follow this link to see how to Add toys and categories to the Party Pack.


Reservation List

All toy reservations made by non-members or by admin will be listed here. This reservation list is similar to the one for members but filtered specifically for non-members and once again just like the members’ reservation list, you can Edit or Delete the reservations.

Reservation List


Other Features to the Party Pack module

Public Website – separate Party Pack page

Client Website – different from the Member Website

How to add additional days for toys on loan, reservation dates, and membership expiry dates

These functions have been created in light of the latest Covid-19 lockdown.
It allows you, the admin, to extend the due date of all the toys currently on loan, active reservation dates, and membership expiry dates for both active and expired members by a selected number of days without having to manually change the dates for each individual toy/member.

Depending on where your toy library is in NZ and when you will re-open will determine the number of days you would like to add.

Note: With toys on loan and reservations, this function does not allow you to select a certain date so all toys are due on the same day and all reservations can be picked up on the same day. It will just add the number of days your library is closed for to the dates. So if your toys have different due dates and reservation dates they will continue to have different due dates and reservation dates.

To add the days go to Setup -> 1 click function

You will see in the second column the heading Additional days for… Type in the number of days you would like to add to each field clicking the Add days button before moving to the next function.

A Success box relevant to each function will appear stating all dates have now been updated.

Success! Days added

How to optimise an image with Imagify

Image optimization is about reducing the file size of your images as much as possible without sacrificing quality so that your page load times remain low. It’s also about getting your images to rank on Google and other image search engines.

So with regards to MiBaseNZ, optimizing your images on the website is important for the following reasons:

  1. All images (toy picture, slideshow, images in news articles, profile pics, etc) are used in your Public and Member website, and if they are NOT optimized the website will become very slow and, in some cases, members will not be able to use it.
  2. The administration will be faster.
  3. You will save us, MiBaseNZ, from paying for more space which would keep the hosting costs from increasing.

So, how can you ensure your images are optimized before uploading them?

Don’t worry, we have a very simple solution for you 🙂

We have subscribed to a web application and we are sharing it with everyone. You will be able to use the web application called Imagify any time you need. You will have 10 GB, which is around 10,000 MB, each month to compress and resize your images.


To access Imagify

To access the application click here https://app.imagify.io/#/login, the username is your toy library email and the password has been sent to you. This is the email that you should receive from Imagify.

Imagify email login - MiBaseNZ Documentation

If you did not receive this, please open a ticket.

**The API key is not relevant to MiBaseNZ, please ignore this**


How to use Imagify

Once you log in, you can see the configuration on the left and the uploader on the right.

Imagify configuration - MiBaseNZ Documentation

The Compression level should be ULTRA or AGGRESSIVE.
Resize the image to 1200px.
Then, click the uploader box and select the images that you need to optimize.

Give the photos a little time to upload and compress. Once done, the following message will appear with the list of photos you have compressed. As you can see, it will tell you the old file size and the new compressed file size and also how much compression had been done.

Imagify compression - MiBaseNZ Documentation

Click Combine all your images into one zip file, wait a bit and then click Download the zip file.

Uncompress the zip file and you are ready to upload all your pictures!

You can also download the image individually if you have only done one or two images. In which case once you click Download, the image will appear and you will need to right-click it and select Save image as…

It is much easier to download a zip file.

How to resign or lock a member

A resigned member is someone whose membership has been expired for some time due to moving for example or they are no longer interested in being a member of your library and will not be returning.

A locked member is someone who has potentially stolen toys from your library or who has not paid their fees. By locking a member it is letting all admin know to be aware of this member if they return.

All resigned or locked members can be viewed on the Not Active page and will also not receive any automatic or bulk emails.

There are two ways to resign or lock a member.
The first once set up is automatic, ongoing, and only applies to already expired members.
The second option is instantaneous requiring admin to manually make the change. This can be done for both current and expired members.

  1. allow MiBaseNZ to automatically move them to the Not Active list by activating the cron job for  Resigned Members. Once this is set up you can choose how long after the membership has expired that they will be moved. An email will be sent to the member and their details will be automatically moved from the Expired Members list to the Not Active list.
    To set this up go to Resigned Members – Automatic Email.
  2. Manually change the status of the member on their Member Detail page which will automatically move them from the list they are currently on to the Not Active list. The steps to achieve this differs slightly for current members and expired members.


Current Members

Find the member you would like to resign or lock either through the Active Members link on the home page or the Members List on the second menu bar.

Once you have found the member change their status to RESIGNED or LOCKED by selecting from the dropdown menu. Refresh the page.

Resigning a member

This member will now be listed on the Not Active list.


Expired Members

Find the member you would like to resign or lock either through the Expired Members link on the home page or the Expired Members list by going to Member -> Mem. Expired.

Once you have found your member click the pink Edit button alongside their name.

On the right-hand side in the Important Data box, scroll down to the Member Status and select RESIGNED or LOCKED from the dropdown menu.

Click Save Member.

This member will now be listed on the Not Active list.

Committee Module Home Page

MiBaseNZ’s Committee module has been created to help libraries manage their volunteer work in a fast and efficient way.

There are two parts to this module.

  1. The yellow sections, which are free for everyone, include a page where toy libraries can add all their legal information and a page to list all committee members and their details including who has keys or bank access.
  2. The orange sections are the paid premium module and these include a page to add timesheets for your committee members and a page to add any events and meetings, including the minutes, that is held by the library.

If your library has purchased the premium module, the Home page will display these activities however if no premium module has been purchased the Home page will have no need to display anything.

If you are interested in the Committee premium module, feel free to contact us or read more on the Premium Module Page.

To start using the Committee module, go to Setup -> CommitteeSetup - Committee


Free Module Home Page

This home page will be blank, except for the module information in the blue box.

Committee home page

Premium Module Home Page

This Home page will feature the current month’s activities and the Meetings and Events calendar for the current month and the two next months.
At the beginning of each month, the month heading will update and the information recorded here will be removed ready for the new month’s recorded information. This information, although removed from the Home page, will still be listed on their relevant pages.

If you have added any events or meetings you will see different colours for each different type. Clicking the date will display the event or meeting’s information.

It is also possible to click the information to expand and see the complete event’s details with also a link to any documents attached.

Committee Module Home Page


On the left of the Home page, you can see five buttons. As explained above, the yellow buttons are part of the free module, the orange is the premium paid module.

  • Home Page: clicking this will bring you back to the home page as shown above.
  • Toy Library Legal: this page will list the legal information for your library including registration numbers and links to relevant websites
  • Committee: this page is where you add your committee members, as well as edit or resign them and see who has bank access, a key, access to the admin website, and more
  • Timesheet: this page is where you add new timesheets for each committee member as well as see timesheets for all the committee
  • Meeting and Events: This page is where you add all events, meetings, fundraisers, etc that are held for your library. Any documents related to the event, such as meeting minutes, can also be added

The five buttons will appear on each of the pages so the admin will not need to visit the home page to access them.

Follow the links for more information on each page.

Toy Library Legal



Meetings and Events

Toy Library Legal page

MiBaseNZ’s Toy Library Legal page is where your toy library can save the legal information required for all toy libraries. This information includes your Charity Registration and NZ Business numbers, the date you were registered, and a link to the NZ Toy Library Federation page.

All the necessary and required information for a toy library can be saved here, in one place, on this page.

To start adding this information, go to Setup -> Committee -> Toy Library Legal

In the blue information box are two links, to the Charities Services website and the NZ Business Number website. Search for your toy library, and the information to add to this page can be found there.

To find your Toy Library Federation link go to www.toylibrary.co.nz/find-a-toy-library, search for your toy library and copy the link into the field provided.

When all the information is added click Save.

A Success message will appear saying the information has been recorded.

Success message