Terms & Conditions

MiBaseNZ’s Terms & Conditions page can be located in the footer at the bottom of each page on the Admin Website.

SMTP2GO – new email system

MiBaseNZ’s new email system will allow toy libraries to monitor their emails and see which ones have been sent, opened, rejected, or bounced.

Member Alerts page

MiBaseNZ Members Alerts page is a full list of all the alerts that have been added on the Loan or Member Detail page.

Returned page

MiBaseNZ’s Returned page lists all returned toys. The date range search fields allow you to view toys returned on a particular day.

Weekly Stat page

MiBaseNZ’s Weekly Stat page collates specific statistical information on your library on a weekly basis throughout the year.

Customised Bag Labels

Toy libraries are entitled to a customised bag label. MiBaseNZ provides a large selection however if none suits, you can request your own.