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When a membership is due to expire with a negative balance on their account, you can decide how many days prior you would like to send this email.

The default setup is 90 days, so the members will receive the email 90 days before the membership expires.


Email template

The first important step is to create/modify the email template called ‘negative_balance’.

Go to Setup -> Email Templates and click edit.

Due to expire with negative balance email template

Then change the content in the email

Due to expire with negative balance email template

You can add any generic shortcode you like to the email, for example, in the above template, you can see [longname] or [libraryname].
Follow this link to view our full list of shortcodes.


Negative balance shortcode

For the member to see how much they are owing on their account you will need to ensure the shortcode $[balance]  is added with the dollar sign before it as shown above. It will look like this:

negative balance



After saving the email, go to Setup -> Automatic Email and activate the cron job.

This type of automatic email will only be sent once.


Administrator Report

Every time MiBaseNZ sends an email, the toy library admin will receive the REPORT in an email, like this

negative balance report

As you can see from the Members List there are 4 members who are due to expire in 12 days BUT only 2 with a negative balance.

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